Stan Tompkins is a Builder and Designer of exceptional homes and imaginative renovations in Central Maine.

At Stan Tompkins Builder/Designer, we pride ourselves in understanding what your needs and wishes are before we begin to develop the first rough sketch.

Maybe you're starting from scratch on a new home with only a rough idea of what you want the finished product to look like. Or maybe you have ideas that you've clipped from magazines, or pictures that you've taken of homes that appeal to you. Whatever the situation, we'll carefully take those first steps with you toward designing a home that's uniquely and distinctively better. Then we'll work with you in the selection of appropriate materials, and from our experience we'll suggest the touches that might make your new home even more distinctive.

Unlike many builders, we want to involve you through both the planning and the building process. As we see possible improvements or modifications we'll discuss them with you at each step.

"To us, a home isn't just a shelter; it's probably the most important and certainly the most visible statement you'll make about your taste and your lifestyle. When we join you in this exciting adventure, your home is also our statement as well - and we know both you and everyone who sees your house will judge us by it. That's just one of the reasons we'll help you design and build a home that's as close to perfect in every detail as our combined talents and energies can make it."
-Stan Tompkins

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